Nationwide Energy Constultants offers professional Air Tightness Testing services for residential, commercial, and industrial properties

Air Tightness Testing

An air tightness test or blower door test is used to calculate the uncontrolled air permeability of a dwelling through the building fabric. This is done by placing a large fan at the front door of the house & creating a pressure difference of at least 50 Pascal’s to calculate the rate of permeability.


A house with a lower rate of air permeability will be cheaper to run, and if the rate of air permeability is too high, the house will cost more to run. If it’s a new build it could fail the air pressure test if it is too draughty and then the house will not comply with building regulations. If a house fails, the air tightness tester will be able to identify the problem on site so it can be rectified.


An air tightness test is required for all new dwellings under technical guidance document part L 2019 and they must achieve an air tightness target of lower than 5 ach/hr.


Nationwide Energy Consultants also offers a MULTI-FAN AIR TIGHTNESS TESTING service.


This is used when a building is too large for a single fan to test and multiple fans are combined to achieve sufficient fan capacity to carry out an NSAI certified multi-fan air tightness test. Multi-fan tests are usually carried out on commercial or industrial buildings such as schools, supermarkets, service stations, large retail stores etc.

Nationwide Energy Consultants employs two of the only five people in Ireland who are level two NSAI certified multi fan air tightness testers.


Under technical guidance document part L 2011, an air tightness test is required for all new dwellings. As well as this, it is common for larger buildings to have regular tests carried out on the property for the following reasons:

When is an Air Tightness Test Necessary

  • LOWER COSTS - Due to the capacity and size of our company we are well equipped to manage bulk work such as housing developments and apartment blocks at lower costs.

  • EFFICENCY - Our experienced team can be in and out of your site in a short period causing you little or no delays. Each of our staff members have received extensive training especially in the area of temporary sealing and so will not cause disruption or require additional assistance when on site

  • NSAI - Every member of our air testing team is regularly audited by NSAI to ensure our tests are consistently carried out to the regulatory requirements and to the highest standard. The other certification body in use in Ireland is INAB, where there is no auditing or qualifying procedure in place for their testers

Here at Nationwide Energy Consultants, we carry out all air tightness testing in accordance with I.S. EN 9972:2015 to ensure a full-service, comprehensive air tightness test that will benefit your property.

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